Our classic recipes are from Rome, Umbria and Tuscany. Our gnocchi and fresh egg pasta

are house-made every day. We make everything in our own kitchen and do not buy prepared

products of any kind. And if your dish is not perfect, please let us know immediately.

ANTIPASTI / INSALATE — STARTERS / SALADS { all are gluten-free }

• barbe rosse – salad with artisan greens, baked red beets, garlic vinaigrette, gorgonzola   7.00              
• insalata mistasalad with artisan greens, mixed vegetables, balsamic vinaigrette   6.00
salumi e formaggi – pecorino, gorgonzola, provolone and three types of Molinari salami  10.50
burrata di mozzarella fresh mozzarella made with cream, served with fresh basil, olive oil   7.50          
verdure alla griglia – grilled zucchini, organic kale, sweet red peppers   6.50
broccoli in padella – broccoli, steamed, then sautéed in olive oil and garlic   6.00
patate arrosto – Yukon gold potatoes, roasted and sautéed, olive oil, garlic, sage, rosemary   6.00
zuppa di verdure  (vegan) – blended soup, potatoes, leeks, onion, broccoli   7.00
soup of the day – with our house-made chicken stock; please ask your server   7.00
polpette – meatballs, house-ground beef/pork, bread, eggs: 
                  1) Roman style in tomato sauce   8.00
                  2) Piemontese style with fontina cheese, in red wine, caramelized onion, cream   8.00

INSALATE GRANDE — GREAT SALADS { g-f = gluten free }

Extra large entrée salads served on a bed of mixed artisan greens

del mare – sauteed salmon, shrimp and rock cod, calamari ceviche, olives, cucumber, tomato, lemon vinaigrette {g-f}  16.50   
affiumicato – house-smoked chicken breast, artichoke hearts, boiled egg, cannellini beans, seasonal vegetables, Dijon mustard vinaigrette {g-f}   16.00
del contadino – prosciutto di Parma, house-smoked pork tenderloin, salami, crostini, tomato, shaved pecorino, provolone, red wine vinaigrette   15.00
di campo – arugula, spinach, kale with grilled sweet peppers/zucchini, mushrooms, pecorino, cannellini beans, balsamic vinaigrette, crostini  {g-f}   14.00

                        if you do NOT want parmesan cheese sprinkled on your dish, please tell your server

PRIMI PIATTI — FIRST COURSES { g-f = gluten free }

tonnarelli alla carbonara – house-made pasta, guanciale (pork), egg, pecorino, black pepper  14.50
ragù d'agnello con pappardelle – lamb, slow-cooked in red wine with house-made pasta  17.50
cannelloni ricotta e spinaci – house-made pasta stuffed with ricotta, spinach, in tomato sauce  16.00
gnocchi– house-made potato dumplings, served with 1) tomato sauce and basil
2) gorgonzola cream and cooked apples,  3) basil pesto (walnuts, garlic, parmigiano)  15.00          
spaghetti  – served with 1) classic tomato sauce, basil, parmigiano [vegan if without cheese]                     
2)  pesto made with basil, olive oil, walnuts, parmigiano, garlic, cream  14.00  
spaghetti con polpette – classic tomato sauce with two Roman style meatballs  18.00
rigatoni con ragù toscano  – pasta with beef and pork ragù, touch of cream  16.00         
polenta con ragù – creamy polenta, with rich ragù of pork, beef, sausage {g-f}  16.00


pollo con marsala – chicken breast in sweet Marsala, mushrooms, purèe potatoes {g-f}   16.5           
brasato di maiale – braised pork shoulder, in Chianti, balsamic, purèe potatoes {g-f}  15.00
filetto alla griglia – Black Angus filet mignon, grilled, fresh spinach, roasted potatoes {g-f}  24.00               
bistecca di manzo – ribeye steak, 16 oz, grilled, with roasted potatoes, fresh spinach {g-f}  32.00


cozze con pesce – mussels and rock cod, wine, tomatoes, garlic, anchovies, chili, crostini  17.00
pesce pesto – wild rock cod, white wine, garlic, pesto, fresh spinach  {g-f}  17.00
pesce pizzaiola – wild rock cod, tomatoes, Kalamata olives, capers, garlic, fresh spinach {g-f} 17.00 salmone con scampi – salmon sautéed with skin on, scampi, in butter, white wine  {g-f}  22.00  


aperitivo al vecchio – Roman pre-dinner drink, chardonnay and sweet vermouth over ice 3.00
aperitivo Kir – our own crème de cassis (black currant syrup, port) with chardonnay  4.00
Kir Royale – crème de cassis with sparkling prosecco  6.00
prosecco - Le Dolci Colline, Brut, DOCG – 11.5% - dry, fruity, sparkling wine  5.00
draft beer - locally brewed, Big Sur Golden, not pasteurized   6.00
carafe of fresh sparkling mineral water – one quart   2.00    iced tea - brewed with Assam tea  2.00
Italian soda - pure fruit syrup in sparkling water  3.00
 black currant, orange, lemon, pomegranate, raspberry, sour cherry
coke - regular or diet  2.50   house coffee - fresh brewed, regular or decaf   2.50
espresso  3.00        cappuccino   4.00     pot of tea  3.00

Please, no separate checks. Only two credit cards per table. We serve water only when requested.

18% gratuity is added for all parties of six or more. Corkage fee $20 per 750 ml

Sorry, but we cannot accommodate substitutions.