worker's lunch

revised August 2014
Monday thru Friday, from 12 noon to 1:30

Fixed price: $9.50 plus tax & service.
Lunch includes salad with artisan greens, and BOTH dishes of the day served at the table. Children under ten are $6. All the pasta is imported from Italy. Some ingredients may vary. Items with an * are vegetarian. No dishes are vegan.
We offer a vegan, gluten free soup as a substitute for both items.


rigatoni con ragù di carne - beef and pork slow simmered in tomato sauce

farfalle con ricotta – butterfly pasta with ricotta, garlic, parsley, pecorino *


polpette al sugo - MEATBALLS made with beef & Italian sausage in tomato sauce

spaghetti al pomodoro – imported pasta with classic tomato sauce *


pollo al vino – CHICKEN thighs braised in white wine, garlic, herbs, rosemary

fettucine con funghi – fettucine, cremini mushrooms, onions, butter, parmesan *


orecchiette al boscaiolo – house smoked Molinari sausage, peas, cream

spaghetti con pesto – fresh basil, walnuts, garlic, parmesan, olive oil *


pollo arrosto – CHICKEN, baked whole, brined with garlic, rosemary, sage

penne arrabbiata – pasta with tomatoes, garlic, spicy chili *

Because we serve family style, we are unable to accommodate substitutions or changes.

Please, only one serving per guest. Reservations needed only for parties of six or more.

Sorry, no separate checks.