typical Italian before-dinner drinks

Friends often meet at a bar to have a drink before heading off to a trattoria for dinner

These traditional aperitivi awaken your appetite and add a festive note to any meal

All are made with pure ingredients: no artificial flavors or colors

il vecchio  – sweet vermouth & chardonnay over ice - the most typical Roman pre-dinner drink —  4

prosecco puro  –  straight sparkling prosecco, dry yet fruity  —  6              •  an entire bottle:  28

Sicilian  –  marsala from Sicily, lemon, fizzy water, over ice - imagine a sunny day in Palermo   —  5

Galileo –  straight Alessio vermouth, sweet, aromatic, pungent - from an 1800  family recipe  — 6

Fellini  –  extravagant herbal flavors of Contratto Bitter with moscato,  fragrant citrus & honeysuckle   — 5

Sofia Loren  –  deeply intense petite syrah, sweet vermouth, pomegranate, orange & cherry  —  5  

Romeo  –  provocatively pungent Contratto Aperitif with bubbly prosecco, orange twist,  ice  —  6 

kir  –  a famous French! aperitif  - our own crème de cassis (black currant/dry sherry)  with chardonnay  —  5   

kir royale  –  the queen of French aperitif - crème de cassis with bubbly prosecco  —  6