February 14, 2018


                   FOUR COURSES, fixed price, $52 per person


                    Please select ONE dish from the following FOUR courses


                                                FIRST COURSE – SALADS

il vecchio Caesar salad – our classic: egg yolk, anchovy, parmesan, romaine

Sicilian oranges with garlic dressing, artisan greens


                                                SECOND COURSE – PASTA

ravioli - house-made, filled with ricotta, spinach, in tomato sauce

pistachio pesto – fettuccine, house-made, prosciutto, mushrooms, cream

polenta gorgonzola - baked with gorgonzola, fontina and cream


                                                THIRD COURSE  - MEAT & FISH

pesto pollo – chicken breast stuffed with pesto, mozzarella - roasted potatoes

brasato di manzo – tri-tip simmered in Chianti with pearl onions - pureed potatoes

scampi – braised in salmon butter over polenta

rustica di funghi – rustic quiche with mushrooms, onions, fontina, gruyere



torta di ricotta al cioccolate – house-made

vanilla gelato with salted caramel and slivered almonds

• lemon sorbet with amarena cherries


                                                prices plus tax, service and beverages

open from 5pm to 10 pm - reservations required

children under 12 are $25 with special children's menu